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Herbal Panangarkandu Milk Mix

Herbal Panangarkandu Milk Mix

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Introducing our Herbal Panangarkandu Milk Mix – A Wholesome Blend of Palm Karupatti Powder and 20 Beneficial Herbs! Elevate your daily routine with our Herbal Panangarkandu Milk Mix, a unique fusion of the luscious sweetness of Palm Karupatti Powder and the nourishing power of 20 carefully chosen herbs. This delectable concoction not only delights your taste buds but also offers a treasure trove of health benefits.

How to Use

Add 1 Teaspoon of Powder into the Cup
Add 100 ml of Milk
Stir it well & let it Dissolve, Enjoy the Drink! 

Filter the Drink before Consumption.

Avoid adding Herbal Panangarkandu Milk Mix directly into Boiling Milk placed on the Stove, As it can Curdle Milk. Store in a Cool & Dry Place. Keep the Pack Tightly-Sealed. 

Product Specifications

🌱 20 Herbal Marvels: Enriched with the goodness of 20 herbs, each sip is a step towards better health.

🌴 Palm Karupatti Sweetness: Crafted from pure palm jaggery, it imparts a rich, caramel-like sweetness.

💪 Holistic Wellness: Boost your overall well-being with nature's finest ingredients.

🍃 Pure and Natural: Free from artificial additives, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity.

🥛 Easy Preparation: Simply blend with warm milk for a delightful, nutritious beverage.


Panangarkandu, Thippilli, Nannari ver, Jaathikaai, Chichirathai, Ashvagantha, Athimadhuram, Vallaarai, Aavaarampoo, Malli, Seeragam, Milagu, Kirambu, Yelakkaai, Venthayam, Manjal, Baadam, Thulasi.

Why choose Herbal Panangarkandu Milk Mix?

It has more Nutitional Value compare to all other Products of Palm, It tastes best as it contains Panangarkandu which is as Natural Gift of Sweetness.

Indulge in the harmonious blend of exquisite sweetness and herbal vitality with our Herbal Panangarkandu Milk Mix. Discover a tastier and healthier way of life that celebrates both flavor and nourishment. Try it today and relish the taste of wellness in every sip.

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