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Karupatti Powders

"Discover the Power of Tradition with Our Exquisite Karupatti Powders!"

About US

"Welcome to OnlyKarupatti, We're on a mission to create a sugar-free society by offering a delicious, healthier alternative to refined sugar. Join us in our commitment to a healthier lifestyle and explore the goodness of natural palm jaggery today."


Karupatti Sweets

"Indulge in the Rich Tradition of Our Karupatti Sweets!"
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Onlykarupatti since 2018

Sharing Authentic Palm-Products from Tiruchendur.

Onlykarupatti offers Wide Variety of Palm Products made through the Traditional Methods - Directly from the Palm Farms of Tiruchendur

We take pride in delivering a product that is free from any additives, preservatives, or chemicals. We are on a Mission to create a Sugar-free Society

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What We Do:

We are a Group of Families Authentically Manufacturing Palm Products Along with the other Local Farmers. 

Onlykarupatti.com is on a mission to Create a Sugar free Society, We are creating a Community of people to achieve our Vision. Join our Sugar-free community to get more quality products & free trial packs.

How We Do:

Our Signature Product Karupatti (Palm jaggery) is made by extracting the sap preserving all the natural goodness and nutritional benefits of the palm tree sap.

Then it will be stored with a Traditional way of making it Dry. Then it will be shared to the Quality checker (Grandma) & then it will be delivered to you with all the Love from the Palm Farms of Tiruchendur.